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A Legacy of Successful Efforts

  Meridian Land Inc. is dedicated to solving complex and difficult real estate entitlement and development challenges. Whether those challenges are market driven, regulatory, political, technical, financial or control related, we have a vast amount of experience "in the trenches" and a successful track record of achievement in finding creative and manageable solutions to these "opportunities". We are focused on serving the needs of land owners who may be challenged in the current economic climate by repositioning assets so that they may be monetized successfully in the shortest possible timeframe.

  Over the past eighteen years our professionals have excelled in solving a wide range of challenges in the real estate and land arena. These include managing complex real estate projects and developing strategic plans to move projects forward in the face of challenges such as extreme economic downturns, shifting regulatory requirements, policy changes, financial challenges, etc. We have successfully entitled, repositioned, navigated and moved literally tens of thousands of residential lots and hundreds of commercial acres to positions of financial success.

  We are ready to assist you with your real estate challenges and to help you meet your project goals of value retention, value maximization, short term monetization or hands on asset or project management.